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Boards and Commissions

 Budget Committee    

 Finance Committee

 Highway Advisory Bd.

 Aaron Wood- Chair  Dan Hughes, Chair  Don Stanfill- Chair
Mac Maness  Steve Wilkinson  Wanda Powers
 Tommy Page  Steve Vineyard  Todd Beecham
 Joe Ross  Todd Beecham  Harold Tyler                
 Jeff James  Celia Barrow  Benny Taylor
 Harold Tyler  Aaron Wood  
 Susan Montgomery  Tommy Page  
 Daniel Clark  Centrus Forney  
 Arness Henry    

 Sheriff Committee of Appeals

20 Year Planning Committee

Adult Oriented Board 

 Larry D. Stanfill  Dan Hughes      Joe Ross-Chair
 Wanda Powers  Susan Montgomery  Roy Wood
 Rodney Campbell  Celia Barrow      Don Stanfill 
 Daniel Clark  Wanda Powers  Daniel Clark
   Todd Beecham  
   Steve Vineyard  
   Brian Duke  
   Lynn Murphy  
   Tim Rogers  
   Aaron Wood  

Parks and Recreation Committee

Senior Citizen Committee 

Building Maintenance 

 Dan Hughes  Judith Willis  Joe Ross
 Tim Rogers  Joe Lewis  Don Stanfill
 Chris Young Roy Woods  Tommy Page
 Aaron Wood  Wanda Powers  Dan Hughes
 Shannon Taylor    Harold Tyler
 Kevis Buckley  Audit Committee  Jeff James
 Kim Hendrix  Tommy Page- Chair  Aaron Wood
 Tommy Page  Aaron Wood  
 William Forney  John Wood  
 Joe Ross    
 Ronald Derryberry    

 Equalization Board

Medical Examiner 

Beer Board 

 David Fesmire  Reggie Henderson, Chief  Tim Rogers- Chair
 Floyd Johnson    Roy Woods
 Bill White  West Tn River Basin  Daniel Clark
 Ralph Avrett  Don Stanfill  Todd Beecham
 Bill Stone  Larry Paul Harris  Mac Maness

 Agriculture Committee

Solid Waste Board

Pro Tempore

Tim Rogers  Dennis Sumler  Joe Ross
Celia Barrow  Richard Holland  
 Don Stanfill  Jimmy Grissom  
 Tommy Page  Drew Pollock  Ethics Committee
   Roy Woods  Susan Montgomery
   Susan Montgomery  Tim Rogers
   Harod Tyler  Celia Barrow
     Joe Ross
 Historical Preservation  Tourism   
 Philip Renfroe  To Be Announced  
 Dan Wood    
 Celia Barrow    
 McArthur Lewis    
 Barry Wood