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Business Licenses
Submit a Business License Application to the County Clerk's Office before starting a business. For more information contact the County Clerk's Office at (731) 968-2856.  Cost is $15

Motor Vehicle Tags/Registration
License and Tax

  • New residents must license their motor vehicles within 30 days after moving into the State.
  • Sales tax must be paid on all new or used vehicles within the first 30 days following the purchase in order to prevent a penalty.
  • Proof of insurance is required to license a new vehicle or to renew an existing license. The insurance card must include an effective date and an expiration date.

Vehicle Registration
All motor vehicles and trailers used upon the highway and roads must be registered unless the vehicle falls under the specific category of vehicles exempt from registration. Vehicles are registered in the county where the vehicle has situs, which means in the county where the vehicle is housed the majority of the time.

Proof of insurance is required on new motor vehicles and registration renewals, with the exception of trailers, mobile homes and boats.


  • Application for Specialty Plates-$120
  • Application for Veteran Plates-$84
    (DD214 required) 
  • Application for Standard Plates-$84 
  • Application for Motorcycle Plates-$27
  • Application for Farm Plates-varies by weight 
  • Application for Commercial Plates-varies by weight
  • Boats-$7 + Sales Tax (Tn# is needed from boat) 
  • If new, add $11 Title Fee

Vehicle Titles
A certificate of title is required for all types of vehicles driven or moved on the highways and roads, unless the vehicle falls under the specific category of vehicles exempt from titling. The certificate of title serves as proof of ownership. Only one title is allowed to be issued and in existence at any one time for the same vehicle. 

Marriage Licenses
Marriag licenses are obtained from the County Clerk's Office. Both parties must be at least 18 years old. The couple must go together to the County Clerk's Office to complete the Marriage Intention Form. This form may not be taken out of the office. The couple must complete it in person together.

Cost of the license-$95 without Premarital Counseling Form; $35 dollars with notarized Permarital Counseling Form

You can not receive your Marriage License until the fourth day after filing the Marriage Intention unless a court order is obtained. Your wedding officiant must sign the original license and return it to the County Clerk. After the license is filed, you may request a copy of the license from the City Clerk. Fee for copies of license-$5

Hunting/Fishing Licenses
These licenses can be obtained at the County Clerk's office.  Price varies per license.

Driver Licenses
Renewal/replacement license services are also available at this office.  Register voters, with a valid voter identification card, can also obtain photo identification. FIRST TIME LICENSES CANNOT BE ISSUED FROM THIS OFFICE.

Replacement-$12 for first replacement; $16 thereafter
Voter ID-$cost varies. Must bring Voter Registration Card

Notary Public Application
Applications to become a Notary Public are obtained from the County Clerk's office.  Once the application  and the application fee, $34.44, are submitted, the County Commission will vote at the next meeting on approvals.  If approved, the applicant will be contacted.  Renewals for Notary Publics are also handled thru this office. Cost-$14.